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Subject: Age matter in rship
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sonni 9.03.11 - 07:00pm
Is it possible for a lady 2 date a younger guy lyk 2 or 3 yrs.nd ve a normal rship? HELP A FRIEND OUT. *

johnie14 8.04.11 - 03:57pm
2 mi its ok age is just a number *

shigoban 26.07.11 - 03:40pm
Yeah.... Age iz jzt a numba... Luv iz fundamental in evrytin...... *

xtonyax 23.10.11 - 04:50pm
2 or 3 years is not an age difference...10 -20 years is an age difference...and if you truly love each other, your relationship can withstand all the looks and comments from others... *

kusika 23.03.12 - 08:24am
It is very posible and nt wrong @ all,a r/relationship sud b based on luv respect,honest trust nd care,age is nt a factor dat cn affect dis incredents of happness. *

seblonmu 25.10.12 - 09:23am
love doesn't have amount,that's y we can have crush 1 another.Age doesn't elaborate any thing when we talk about relationship. all we count is happiness, you can go for the 1 who inspire you. *

2winkle2 19.11.12 - 04:26am
to me it does somehow,
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