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Subject: i nid a friend
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lagal 20.11.11 - 01:08pm
Am heartbroken n it hurts so bad...my babe broke this up n am in denial wat do i do?? I love her so so much *

sonni 3.01.12 - 06:08am
hi lagal sori I got to c dis abit late,lyf is lyk dat u don always get wat u want nd she neil up wit u myb she is by da ryt gal 4 u,dats means dat someone special is still out there waiting 4 u. *

lagal 21.01.12 - 12:51pm
thanks gal....women women dont u just love them and hate them and love them more... *

sonni 11.02.12 - 05:28am
hey lagal hw r u *

lagal 11.02.12 - 05:28pm
hey hey am hanging in thea *

kusika 17.03.12 - 04:15pm
Only tym ll tell.. If she is surpose 2 b yrs again,she ll b.bt in there mi tym.. U got 2 find a way 2 suprise u by falling 4 sum body else and evn beta* *

dolcedee 18.04.12 - 09:33pm
Hey,am xo low.nid smi 2 lean on. *

lagal 8.05.12 - 03:04pm
Wow!!!!this breaking up and getting back together is really hurting i really nid to stop this....its like we are addicted to each other in a sick way!!!!I have to get over you!!! *

ankit072 23.10.12 - 07:17pm
Hi *

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