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Subject: help needed
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2winkle2 5.11.12 - 05:47am
so guyz u have seen how people dance in clubs or parties,will u dance like that with ur bestfriend of opposite sex, if u r a girl will u let ur guy bestfriend hold u while dancing,will u b comfortable with him. *

lonhaird 9.01.13 - 03:39am
so you teaching dancing *

2winkle2 16.01.13 - 08:24pm
@ lon did I mention anytin abt teaching. *

tumi5419 18.03.14 - 11:01pm
i dnt thrz any problem thr only if u trust him *

2winkle2 27.03.14 - 06:46am
@tumi.... I thot so too bt still got 2 put limits on the moves *

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