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Subject: MEN! MEN! MEN!
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sonni 16.02.14 - 12:42pm
What do men mean when they tell you...you are too good 4 me nd u deserve smn better??? *

ayanu 16.02.14 - 01:06pm
they mean they dont see themslvs worthy to be wth yu *

sonni 16.02.14 - 04:09pm
Bt isn't it supposed 2 b all fear in peace n war.......if u rili luv the other person nd u r sure they luv u back..then jaz mek eachother better *

ayanu 18.02.14 - 09:03am
yeah, bt in ur heart u fl shes beta than u, and u cnt b happy *

sonni 4.03.14 - 07:24am
I know its just an xcuz n being a coward *

ayanu 10.03.14 - 05:53pm
haha, i dnt thnk so dia *

sonni 12.03.14 - 09:17am
its tru anayu.... *

ayanu 12.03.14 - 10:21am
lets gv an xmple if we wr in a relationshp (hypothetcly speakin) if i valued u like a 10 while najiona as a 5.. i wount b happy in the relationshp n start havn trust issues *

sonni 22.03.14 - 12:30pm
Then u r not in2 da rship ifdats how u c it...its supposed 2 b 5O/50 n if u feel u ain't worthy then u ve issues... *

ayanu 26.03.14 - 10:22am
love is complcted bt in every rltnshp lazima kuna mtu who feels short chnged *

sonni 26.03.14 - 10:43am
I guess u r ryt

vader1701 26.03.14 - 07:46pm
it means your dumped. dont matter how its dressed up its all the same thing they just try make it easier to do *

sonni 5.04.14 - 10:26pm
Well saud vader....bt y cnt u jaz come clean n say its over.....dats being corwad *

victoredouard 12.08.18 - 08:32am

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